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I Love Kentucky

Feb 6, 2021

“I Love Kentucky,” is the podcast that celebrates the people, places, and experiences that make the commonwealth of Kentucky a great place to visit and live.  Sit back, enjoy a glass of your favorite bourbon, and let me tell you why I LOVE KENTUCKY!


In this Episode…

In this episode, I talk with Producing Artistic Director, Michael Drury of Pandora Productions in Louisville, KY. Pandora is an independent theater company in Louisville. We talk about the important of independent theater and the arts in a community, look behind stage at a theater production, and discuss how independent theater companies are adapting during the pandemic.

Learn more about Pandora, subscribe, donate or buy single production tickets at

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Remember to send in your stories that have a Kentucky theme, setting, or plot!  I’m going to start a series of bonus episodes reading listener submissions!  Contact me at any of the locations below for more information:

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Barry Gary


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