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I Love Kentucky

Sep 12, 2020

“I Love Kentucky,” is the podcast that celebrates the people, places, and experiences that make the commonwealth of Kentucky a great place to visit and live.  Sit back, enjoy a glass of your favorite bourbon, and let me tell you why I LOVE KENTUCKY!

In this Episode…

Kentucky is ripe with history…significant history…the kind of history that impact the course of our county. And my guest in this episode is right on the pulse of historic Lexington Kentucky. Peter Brackney has already written two books about the history in and around Lexington, and he has a third book coming out September 28:  A History Lover’s Guide to Lexington and the Bluegrass Region.

Here’s where you can find out more about Peter, and even order the book!

Buy any of the books we mention in this episode here:


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Remember to send in your stories that have a Kentucky theme, setting, or plot!  I’m going to start a series of bonus episodes reading listener submissions!  Contact me at any of the locations below for more information:

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