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I Love Kentucky

Jun 10, 2021

“I Love Kentucky,” is the podcast that celebrates the people, places, and experiences that make the commonwealth of Kentucky a great place to visit and live.  Sit back, enjoy a glass of your favorite bourbon, and let me tell you why I LOVE KENTUCKY!

In this Episode…

In this episode, we talk about podcasting with three home-grown Kentucky podcasters. Each has a unique perspective on their show, on podcasting, and on the challenges and benefits of doing a podcast. As an added bonus, I wrap up the episode with Chris Curran, Head Instructor of the Podcast Engineering School, a certification program for podcasters and producers who are looking to create a top tier, professional sound for their podcasts.

Here are today’s guests and how you can listen in or contact them:

Keisha Tower

"The Kentucky Momma Podcast covers a wide variety of topics surrounding motherhood, mental health disorders, and segments that include “Shit My Kid Says.” New episodes every Monday.


Jake McCartey

Cast to the Future Podcast

“A time capsule of content for the common goof. Host, Jake McCarty interviews people he finds interesting, comedic, and entertaining with humorous or serious takes on different subjects.”


Tracy Morrison

Parenting With You

“Being a parent is tough, you can read all the books, social media, and websites and think you are ready but once the baby comes they don’t always follow the rules. This podcast is for parents of any age child from babies through the teen years who want to make sure their kids stay healthy and safe with practical, down to earth advice.”


Chris Curran

Podcast Engineering Show

“In general, podcasters and producers tend to have weak (or non-existent) audio engineering skills. That's where this show can help. By listening to this show every week you will gain an unfair advantage in the world of podcast production. Each week we will talk to a podcast engineer/producer and learn how they're producing podcasts - their equipment, their workflow, and advanced tips. Plus, we have fun ;)”


I Love Kentucky is sponsored by United Financial Group. When it comes time to buy a home or refinance an existing mortgage, give me a call!  I make sure you get the best deal and service possible. And you might even be a podcast guest!

Contact me at 502-593-4497,



Remember to send in your stories that have a Kentucky theme, setting, or plot!  I’m going to start a series of bonus episodes reading listener submissions!  Contact me at any of the locations below for more information:

Show Contact Information

Barry Gary


Facebook:  search “Ilovkentucky”

Twitter: @ILoveKentucky3

Instagram: ILuvKentucky

YouTube Channel:  I Love Kentucky


Also, check out my other podcast, The Louisville Cycling Podcast!


And if you or your organization is considering a podcast to promote your service, product, or concept, I can help!  I offer consulting and production services for anyone looking to produce professional quality audio podcasts!